January 8th, 2008 by Alec McNayr

TitlesOne of the best gifts you can give your online series is a great title. Seth Godin offers some of his genius on the concept of titles. Side note: If you don’t read Seth Godin, you’re missing out. His book, The Dip changed my life.

Titles are creative strategy.  Hayden Black said that he named his character Abigail because it would appear at the top of alphabetical lists.  NBC/FOX named chose Hulu because it rhymed with itself.

Titles represent the first spark of interest in your product, show, series, or company.  Your name should be a microcosm of the overall picture.  If you’re clever, be clever.  If you’re powerful, be powerful.

Think about all aspects of your titles or names — how does it sound when read aloud?  When read quietly?  What rhymes with it in a rap song?  What are the synonyms or antonyms?  All of this matters. 

Where do titles appear?  Titles are URLs, newspaper headlines, phone greetings (our future receptionist will say, “hello, thank you for calling space shank media.” Sorry Carol.), appear on business cards, adorn polo shirts and hats, and more. Does your title say what you want it to say everywhere?

Also posted today, Chris Albrecht at NewTeeVee offers a short list of what to watch online while the writer’s strike kills TV.  He includes: The Meth Minute 39, Life from the Inside, Break a Leg, Mr. Deity, Buried Alive, quarterlife, and Hulu.  I must confess that I’m not really watching any of those now.  It’s probably the titles.

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