The Best Cinematography Online: The West Side

June 18th, 2008 by Alec McNayr

Webby-award winning online drama The West Side is simply the best-shot series online. Shot in a self-proclaimed “urban cowboy” genre, it’s purely black-and-white and features gorgeous shot after gorgeous shot.

I spoke last week about tone, and The West Side has tone to spare. Problem is, it’s a little too slow and lacks enough story to really keep my interest.

Also, while it’s nice to see the show win accolades and press, its social network numbers are low (87 fans on Facebook, 74 MySpace friends).

All this makes it clear to me that the creators are not necessarily looking for an online hit, as much as for The West Side to be either picked up as a TV show or movie, or simply to serve as a stepping stone to a bigger deal.

If I were a studio producer, I’d give these guys a shot. What they’ve done with long, sweeping shots, and high contrast is nothing short of filmmaking genius.

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